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Closing time

Posted by Karla on August 25, 2006

redirect yourself to

I’m happy and content now. WOO


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please don’t hate me

Posted by Karla on August 24, 2006

I’m considering switching back to blogger. part of the reason I haven’t been posting as much is that I’m totally hating Word Press. Its kind of depressing.  I kept my blogger blog so I’m just going to revamp that one again and go back.  I should be back to full force in a day or so once I get it back into working order.

I lost a lot my readers in the switch to Word Press, maybe they’ll come back.

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Yea you guessed it

Posted by Karla on August 23, 2006

It being Wednesday morning and all you know I have to discuss Rock Star Supernova and Big Brother. 


RSN: It’s down to the final 7 and its getting really really good now.  You all are well aware of my love for Ryan Star.  I have said it before and I’ll say it again.  I do NOT want him to win. I want him to get second place and go back to his solo career.  If he does win, I’ll be totally happy for him though, because that is obviously what he wants. 


Here is my opinion of the performances last night:


First of all, Tommy Lee was either totally hammered last night or on some kind of drug.  Dave Navarro reminds me of a tarantula. 


PATRICE: She got to sing an original song.  To me, it was my favorite performance out of her.  I still didn’t like it very much though.  I predict she goes home tonight.  I think she’ll do well on her own. 


RYAN: Um Hello…That was HOT.  I had a little sweat going.  I love that song and he tore it up.  GO RYAN.


MAGNI: I thought he did awesome.  He always puts on a great performance. I doubt he’ll be in the bottom three this week. 


TOBY: I don’t care what Gilby says, that was awesome.  I thought it was a great arrangement.  


DILANA: You know, I just didn’t feel that performance.  I do like her and I think she’ll win this but I didn’t care for that very much. I don’t know why.


STORM: I like her less and less each week.  I thought she could have ripped the stage up with a different version of I Will Survive, but she just reaked of nasty.  She tramped up Cryin too when it could have been done better.


LUKAS: I can’t figure if he’s just introverted or snobbish. He seems like such an arrogant cocky guy.  I don’t picture him winning this though. 


You know, I’m not going to talk about Big Brother. I think its sad when I’m actually rooting for the evil Dr. Will.  Not only is he running the whole show, he’s using Boogie to do all his dirty work.  Barf.


Maddie isn’t sleeping well and I am not getting any sleep at night. Once she starts feeling better hopefully we can get her back on a decent schedule and mama can sleep again.  I feel like a zombie who is living off of Red Bull and skittles.


Yesterday a woman asked me if I was pregnant.  I guess that’s my sign its time to start the diet again.  What the hell makes people open their mouths?? I’d never ask someone if they were pregnant unless the baby was hanging out of them.  Pfffft.  Thanks for making my day loser.


Joel won a total of $65 on 3 different scratch tickets yesterday.  That has never happened to us. He bought $10 worth of Lotto tickets with some of the money and so hopefully we’ll be rich by the end of the day. LOL

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Bad blogging

Posted by Karla on August 22, 2006

Well I have been a really bad blog poster lately, and an even worse commenter.  I blame three things


1)     Madelyn isn’t feeling very well and is acting out at home lately and I haven’t been on the computer at home since Saturday and that was only for one purpose and it didn’t involve my blog.

2)     My computer at work had 2 viruses and 18 spyware programs on it and I haven’t been able to do anything on it at all until this morning.

3)     I can’t think of anything to post about.  Occasionally something will pop in my head and I am usually no where near the computer and thoughts don’t seem to last long in my head anymore. 


Here are some random things in my head though.


  • I know everyone I know is sick of me talking about this but just shut up for two seconds, okay? If you watch Rock Star Supernova, or even if you don’t you must must must watch it tonight and VOTE FOR RYAN. He’s singing one of his original songs tonight from his solo album (which by the way, I have and totally recommend. If anyone wants a copy I’d be happy to burn you one). He’s singing a song called “The Back of Your Car”.  Its such an awesome song.  I can’t wait to hear him sing it.  I’m going to be up until 1:00 am voting my butt off for him.
  • Maddie has a stuffed kitty she’s had for a few years. She’s always called her “Mama Kitty”.  Yesterday she said “I’m not going to call her Mama Kitty anymore…I’m going to call her Karla Kitty”. 
  • I used to hate my haircut, but I don’t hate it anymore. I wont say I love it because I don’t love it.  I just don’t hate it anymore. I’ve found that its easier to do than before.  I used to have to blow dry and then straighten it, but now I only have to blow dry it.
  • Dylan is obsessed with American Idol. Of all the bloody things. Its not just American Idol, it’s the finale of the last season. My mom (god bless you mother….) has downloaded all the songs from it and Dylan listens to it all.the.time.and sings the songs at top volume.  Pray for us.
  • I’m so sick of Big Brother I could scream.  I have known for a long time that if you don’t watch the live feeds, you’re really only getting .0.5% of the actual show. This year its gotten much worse.  They’re repeating scenes they already showed, they’re showing scenes from previous years, and they’re editing the crap out of it. CBS sucks butt big time.  I’ve started only reading the Big Brother Daily Recaps from the live feed posters.  It gives you the truth of whats really happening and not what CBS wants you to think is happening.  I’m also tired of seeing Julie Chen’s face.

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Silly Maddie

Posted by Karla on August 19, 2006

The other night Maddie decided she wanted to let her blankie sleep with her baby.  Maddie has never slept without her blankie. Ever.

I told her I didn’t really feel comfortable with her sleeping without her blankie (I felt she would miss it and I’d end up having to go get it.)

She said to me “Maybe if you got your PJ’s on you’d feel more comfortable.”

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For my boy Ryan

Posted by Karla on August 17, 2006

I had a ton of pictures I wanted to use, but this one is the best. I think I’m going to make a new one that goes a little slower on the pictures. I have a smaller one for my avatar already.

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Im back

Posted by Karla on August 17, 2006

I was on vacation for a bit. From home. From life. From my blog.

My last day of work was a week ago today. On Thursday I took the kids to their swimming lessons. The kids and my mom and I went to The Pancake House for breakfast and then went to get Maddie’s birth certificate. We signed her up for preschool. She has the same class and the same teacher Dylan had. Fortunately as I was filling out her application the teacher, Miss Allison showed up. Maddie got to meet her and see her new classroom, which she loved. I had to literally drag her out of there. She wanted to start school NOW. Dylan got to visit with both of his old teachers. They’ll never forget Dylan. He’s one of a kind. We also went and saw Barnyard that day. It was a great movie. I know Dylan loved it. Maddie couldn’t sit still for it (yea, there’s a shocker).

Mom and I took the kids to open swim on Friday. That was fun but tiring. By the end of the day I was whooped. Saturday was the day our official vacation started. Joel’s sister and her baby boy flew in at 11:00 on Saturday morning. Joel’s parents picked them up.

Now I’m going to share something with you that I normally wouldn’t admit. I’m a control freak. I don’t actually have to be “in control” of a situation but I need to know whats going on. I need specifics. All week last week I asked Joel several times what the plan for Saturday was. I got vague answers such as “I don’t know” or “They’re going to call us when they know”. Basically the plan was wait around the house until they call us, then we drive 2.5 hours to the lake. When I asked what time they’re going to call I got “I don’t know, after they pick up Jen.” Like…right after they pick her up?….when they get to the lake?….when???? “I don’t know.” he says. Is he concerned about this?? NO. So at 8:00 am I’m packed and ready to go. Why? Because I don’t know when they’re going to call. They’re going to call and then we leave….I don’t know when so I need to be ready. From about 11:00am until after 1:00 the bags are packed, the truck is loaded and the kids are driving me up a freaking wall. I won’t even go into how pissed off I am at Joel. I would have called his parents myself earlier in the week but He was convinced he had this situation under control. Breathe in. Breathe out.

We got to the lake sometime around 4:30. The ride there wasn’t that bad. Only minimal screaming and crying. Maddie actually did pretty good too, considering she hates car rides.

It was our first time meeting Joel’s nephew Dallas. He’s 14 months old. Jennifer looks as good as ever. Bitch. (kidding of course, I love her even if she’s skinnier than me). The “cabin” was rather big for what it was. It was four bedrooms. Joel and I had our own (twin beds WOO HOO. You’ll never see a married couple as excited as we were to be sleeping in separate beds). Maddie and Dylan had a room together with twin beds too. Dylan can sleep through an earthquake and Maddie barely sleeps but they did rather well. She woke him up a few times (I guess we can call her earthquake Maddie now) but he took it well.

We saw some meteor showers on Friday night. My eyes don’t adjust well to nighttime and I couldn’t see very much, but everyone else did. There were a pair of beavers building a dam at night outside the cabin at the lake. It was very cool to see. There was also a bunny living under the front stairs that both Dylan and Maddie loved. The lake had a bunch of tadpoles in it. Dylan adopted one as his own but ended up putting it back before we left. He named him Tad. He captured one for Maddie that she dumped back into the lake. They both did some swimming. Dylan more than Maddie. Dallas loved Dylan. He always lit up when he saw him. Maddie smothered him alot, but he didn’t seem to mind too much.

We got home yesterday afternoon. I’m now back to work. I’m exhausted. I wish I had taken my vacation after my vacation rather than before, but whatever.

We did get to watch Big Brother when I was gone (yay) but I am more interested in what went on last night on Rock Star Supernova.

Did you see my boy Ryan last night??? He sang “In the Air Tonight” and that is one of my favorite songs. It always gives me chills. Oh boy does it ever. It’s my new ringtone on my cell phone.
Joel better hope he doesn’t come calling for me because his brown eyes and pouty lips turn me to butter. My bags are packed Ryan. Call me.

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Toilet Bowl Confessionals

Posted by Karla on August 10, 2006

Lately when Maddie sits on the toilet she uses this as a time to “fess up” to things she’s feeling.

Here are some of the more interesting things she’s said in the last few days.

“I like to pee”

“I like to go poop”

“Sometimes I eat bugs. I like them”

“Sometimes I eat butterflies too, but not their wings. They’re too pretty.”

“Sometimes it tickles when I go pee”

She’s a riot. It really is hard to keep a straight face around her sometimes.

We’re registering her for preschool today. It’s a bittersweet day for me. She’s my baby, but I know she’s more than ready for this.  She’ll really thrive there and I am really excited for her.  I’m just not ready for her to grow up on me yet.

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I’m outing myself

Posted by Karla on August 10, 2006

I’m falling for Ryan Star

For those who don’t know. He’s on Rock Star Supernova and he makes my heart skip a beat.  I’ve loved him since the start, and have been disapointed that Supernova didn’t really like him, but over the last few weeks he’s brought his A-Game.  Last weeks piano version of Losing My Religion….. *sigh*  and then this weeks rocking version of Paint it Black….well…anyway.  I’m not going to go into details, but I love him.  Look out Chris Martin because he’s made his way into the #2 position of my “freebie” list.  He’s knocking on the door.  He’ll never get in because Chris is locked into the #1 position though.

The “freebie list” comes from a Friends episode “a list of five celebrities that, if the moment arises, the person is allowed to sleep with without their significant other getting upset.”  Joel and I have that list. Anyone else have a freebie list?

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Happy Birthday Tara!!!

Posted by Karla on August 8, 2006

Today is my sister Tara’s Birthday. Man is she ooooold.

Happy Birthday Tara!!!

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